Review: MockingBird Cafe and Bar, Churchgate

The MockingBird has built its nest in South Bombay. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, here’s some good news for bookaholics! MockingBird Cafe and Bar one of Mumbai’s first book cafe has opened at Churchgate and we are very excited. Being avid readers, we were delighted to walk into this cosy little place and just sink in the ambience. The cafe has a well-stocked bar and a very cosy reading nook, where the latest novels are kept for readers to enjoy their reading time while sipping a sangria. The place is huge and well spaced out with a lot of natural light trickling in. The decor of the cafe is completely in sync with the theme – with an array of novels neatly fitted to the wells, and book covers of popular novels have been well-framed to adorn the walls. Even the bill is placed in the cover of a book (we were served the bill in the cover of Arundhati Roy’s – A God of Small Things). Due to time constraints we did not get a chance to eat much, but a look at their menu promised amazing food at a reasonable cost. The owner/manager of the cafe personally assists the guests. He seemed to be warm and humble. If you happen to be around Churchgate, you must visit this place for to ogle at the books, to munch on some good food and to enjoy the ambience.










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