15 Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Mumbai That Should be on Every Chocoholic’s Checklist

I proudly claim to be a chocolate aficionado, who is forever on the lookout for that perfect cuppa, especially every December. My search has been a never-ending one and I’ve finally decided to put down my favourites to help the rest of mankind. Yes, I might sound a little dramatic but seriously it is my poison. So when it’s winter all I can think of is a huge mug of rich molten chocolate that’s oh-so-sinful.

I must add that the options are too many and this list is based solely on my personal favourites, which I think every chocolate fan is looking for that perfect cuppa will agree with. So here are the 15 hot chocolate spots in Mumbai that must be on every chocoholic’s checklist. Brownie points for having visited them already.

1. Suezette


I had heard so much about this place! I tried out their oh-so-talked-about hot chocolate only recently. Their home-made dark hot chocolate is a huge cup full of rich molten cocoa with a small amount of milk for that perfect blend.
But I’d like to warn you that after a few sips this decadent beverage could get just too chocolaty for your taste buds and you might want to give any other chocolate dish (like the yummy Melted Belgian Chocolate Crepe) a miss so that you don’t struggle to finish it up.

PS. It’s also very heavy and will fill you up sooner than you thought but totally worth it.

Price: Rs. 180 (plus taxes) available at all Suzette outlets (Nariman Point, Bandra and Powai)

2. Bird Song Café, Bandra

Had a long day from work ? This hot chocolate made from exquisite dark chocolate at BirdSong Cafe, Bandra will delightfully uplift your mood and make sure that chocolate serves its purpose. After all as the saying goes – " Chocolate doesn't ask questions, chocolate understands ! ". For all you chocolate lovers, a must try. **if you want us to repost your food pictures, DM them to us or tag them as #globetrottingfoodies #chocolate #desserts #dessertporn #dessertoftheday #dessertgram #instadesserts #instafoodie #instafood #instapic #food #foodbloggerindia #bloggerlife #bloggerIndia #instadaily #dessertgasm #Birdsongcafe #travelblog #followforfollow #foodphotography #foodindia #foodlover

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This is by far one of my favourite spots for a rich cup of cocoa! They boast of their organic yet delicious fare and their thick hot chocolate made from 90 per cent organic cocoa is a true delight for chocoholics. Having had this more than once, I can safely say that this cuppa is pure sin.
The qauint café that’s tucked away in the by-lanes of Hill Road, Bandra just adds to your happiness.

PS. This one tastes best when sipped piping hot.

Price: Rs. 150 (plus taxes) No outlets.

3. Di Bella Café, Kemps Corner


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This is the only place I’ve come across which not only offers a decadent cuppa but also has 10 kinds of hot chocolate you can choose from. Doesn’t it sound like heaven for true chocolate aficionados? You can pick from hazelnut-flavoured hot chocolate or peanut butter hot chocolate among others which are totally delicious.

Their hot chocolate is milky and not-so-thick. But it makes for a good after-meal beverage.

PS: This also happens to be the only place that gives you an option to choose- a regular-sized cup or go for the large. And if you are too confused, go for the Nutella hot chocolate, which we did too.

Price: Rs. 135 (regular) and Rs. 155 (large) available at all outlets.

4. Moshe’s


This is one of those feel good beverages you want have on a gloomy day. Not too heavy and not too bland, it makes for just the right accompaniment with your snack or a sinful indulgence on a windy night.

PS: Named as Choco Latte, this one is a milky version with nutmeg and cinnamon accompanied by a cookie on the side. You may not like it if you are expecting a decadent drink.

Price: Rs. 160 (plus taxes) available at all outlets.

5. Theobroma


Famous for its desserts, Theobroma has surely become a name to reckon with so I never bothered to try their beverages until recently.
Theirs is a home-made version whipped up with real chocolate that promises to be thick, dark and strong but in actuality it’s a little more milky than you would expect.

PS: Light on your palate and not too sweet, you’ll love this one if you don’t mind indulging.

Price: Rs. 120 (plus taxes)

6. La Folie


Their Chocolat Chaud is made out of 70 per cent Venezuelan Chocolate and spices that will surely leave you asking for more of this thick, dark beverage. A guilty pleasure for sure, it’s totally worth the money.

Price: Rs. 240 (plus taxes)

7. Le Pain Quotidien


Le Pain Quotidien’s Belgian Hot Chocolate might just be your answer for the decadent indulgence. And what ups its awesome quotient is the pairing with some freshly baked delicious breads or pastries from LPQ’s wide menu.

Price: Rs. 225 / 350 (plus taxes)

8. Salt Water Cafe


Salt Water Café has a wide variety on their breakfast menu and the Hot Chocolate they serve is the perfect beverage to end a heavy meal with. It has just enough of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth and will surely leave you happy.

Price: Rs. 110 (plus taxes)

9. Kala Ghoda Café, Fort


With KGC’s policy of serving healthy food, finding hot chocolate on their menu is a pleasant surprise. They serve hot chocolate in two variants. The 260 ml with fine Belgian dark chocolate and the other a 30 ml Belgian dark chocolate shot, which would be perfect to satisfy your chocolate cravings without overindulging.

Price: Rs. 175 and Rs. 110, respectively (plus taxes)

10. The Nutcracker


Their variety of the Belgian Hot Chocolate is a creamy, dark brown liquid with a rich taste of cocoa that will linger for long. They also have an After 9 Mint Hot Chocolate which is worth a try too.

Price: Rs. 250 (plus taxes)

11. Sweetish House Mafia

Sweetish House Mafia has a very limited menu of beverages along with their to-die-for cookies. But their Hot Chocolate, which is not-so-thick is simply yum with a frothy layer that works perfectly to balance out the sweetness.
Price: Rs. 130 (plus taxes)

12. Wafflist, Fort

That we love chocolate is a well known fact . So when we visited @wafflist at Fort today for a quick dessert, we instantly picked the Belgian Hot Chocolate from the menu. What came was a medium-sized mug filled with thick, dark brown molten liquid on an optimum temperature. The colour looked enticing and we were eager to take a sip. And then we got our perfect cup of Belgian Hot Chocolate. It was pure, unadulterated bliss! Has to be on our list of best hot chocolates in #Mumbai. Have you tried it? Is there another better place for hot chocolate we haven't tried? Let us know in the comments below. #mumbaifood #mumbairestaurants #wafflist #hotchocolate #chocolatelove #chocolatefans #chocoholics #choco #instafood #instabest #foodgasm #foodporn #foodies #foodblog #instablog #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersofmumbai #bloggerlife

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This one came as a real surprise and was a sure winner. Their Belgian Hot Chocolate just the way i like it, thick, dark and delicious! A must try especially at this price. Bliss!

Price: Rs. 150

13. Grandmama’s Cafe

We know this ain't the right season for cup full of molten chocolate but we were too tempted to try out the Hot chocolate @grandmamascafe and let me tell you that we are glad we did. We are on an eternal lookout for the best places to have hot chocolate in #mumbai and this happens to be our latest favourite. It's rich, dark and divine! Just can't get enough of this cocoa treat. Read all about it along with our review of Grandmama's Cafe in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai on the blog. PS: We've also compiled a list of our favourite spots for hot chocolate in mumbai and you need to check it out (Link in the bio). #hotchocolate #cocoa #chocolate #chocoholics #foodgasm #foodporn #hotbeverages #chocolatetreats #foodblog #foodography #foodoftheday #foodiegram #foodstagram #blogsofinstagram #bloggersofindia #bloggers #blogs #mumbaifoods #mumbairestaurants #mumbai #grandmamascafe #foodlove #food #bloggersindia #likestagram @shoutout_thefoodie @things2doinmumbai

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I didn’t know Grandmama’s Cafe served Hot Chooclate untill I visited (Check out the review here) their new outlet at Kamala Mills, recently. Theirs is a sinful cup that’s rich, darka nd disireable. But the downside is that it’s so thick and chocolaty that fi your not a die-hard choco fan, you may not be able to drink it all up.

Price: Rs. 150

14. Candies

With a fun menu Candies also serves Hot Chocolate that you can devour on those easy-going evenings. They make for the perfect acconpaniments with the little tarts that candies is famous for.

Price: Rs. 150 approx.

15. Starbucks

A coffee joint not serving Hot Chocolate is not possible. So Starbucks does their own Hot Chocolate that isnt of thick consistency but yet as chocolaty as you want. It’s perfect for the Pseudo chocolate fan and doesnt fill you up too much.

Price: Rs. 250

PS: Since I am a proud townie, this list might be a little skewed. But it’s still the best hot chocolate spots in our favourite city! Nevertheless, if you think I’ve missed some places don’t forget to add to the list in the comments below and I’d love to go check them out too.



Reproduced from this iDiva.com article. 


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